The Space Development Foundation, is a non-profit non-tax exempt* private entity focused on advocating, orchestrating, and assisting in the implementation of technology development work which fosters space development in earnest.

The Space Development Foundation was originally founded by Gary Barnhard in 1982 and has operated with significant periods of quiescence due to contractual requirements, until the present. The foundations work in the past has typically been focused on directly or indirectly providing support to programs and projects conducted by established public charities. From time-to-time when there is a compelling need due to timing, resource constraints, and/or special considerations the foundation takes independent actions in support of its mission.

*To help address the changing status of space development in this era the Space Development Foundation is now in the process of applying to the IRS for formal recognition as a 501 (c) (3) organization.


President & Chief Executive Officer – Gary P. Barnhard

Responsible for the overall orchestration of the Space Development Foundation’s activities.

Gary’s 40 years of experience in space advocacy, space development, and as robotic space systems engineer includes a wide range of robotic, space, and computer systems engineering projects.

Program Development Director – Joseph M. Rauscher

Responsible for inter-organization partner agreement codification and follow through.

Joseph’s forty-four years of experience in USA federal and local government environmental protection, green remediation and renewable energy program operations; and grants, contracts, and interagency agreement (IA) administration are guiding the development of cooperative, collaborative, and competitive agreements.

Project Development Director – David Dunlop

Responsible for project identification and contact development.

David’s ¬†extensive experience in local government and coordinating the delivery of essential services have equipped him to be an invaluable resource for identifying opportunities, tracking down contacts, and accomplishing the networking required to breathe life into a new project.

E-mail: info@spacedevelopmentfoundation.org



General information – info@spacedevelopmentfoundation.org

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