Supporting the orchestration of annual Space Solar Power Symposia at the National Space Society International Space Development Conference (ISDC) and the indexed electronic publication of the presentations.

Supporting the orchestration of the proposed International Lunar Decade for space research and development.

  • Support the orchestration of Bi-lateral/Multi-lateral Space Based Solar Power Symposia
  • Build Upon Existing Aspects of U.S. International Cooperation
  • Facilitate beneficial cooperation in science, engineering, education, and related fields.
  • Workshops, advanced schools, virtual joint research, innovation/technology transfer programs, and student and faculty fellowships.
  • Nurture linkages among young leading scientists and engineers.
  • Address climate change, ensure mutual energy security, and build a clean energy economy that drives investment, job creation, and economic growth.
  • Obtain funding for projects to leverage S&T capacity for innovation & entrepreneurship.
  • Public-Private partnerships to harness global data networks.
  • Identify, support, and scale innovative, game-changing, and cost-effective solutions to global developmental challenges.
  • Expand civil space exploration and development cooperation.